4 Impacts That Occur When Children Excess Protein

4 Impacts That Occur When Children Excess Protein
4 Impacts That Occur When Children Excess Protein

“Protein is one of the nutrients needed to support the body to stay healthy. Even so, the intake needs to be maintained so that it is not excessive because it can cause several health effects. It is important to know the various impacts so that children stay healthy.”

4 Impacts That Occur When Children Have Too Much Protein – Everyone wants the best for their children by providing them with all the nutrients their bodies need. One of the nutrients that is also important for children is protein. However, mothers also need to know if there are bad effects that can occur if the child has excess protein in his body. To find out more about this, read the following review!

Various Impacts When Children Excess Protein
Protein is a substance needed by the body to keep the body strong. This is because this substance can build muscle, produce hormones, make skin and bones stronger, and transport nutrients. Therefore, it is very important to get enough protein, especially in children because they are still growing.

However, is it true that eating more protein in children is the same as keeping them strong? Are there bad effects that can occur if children get too much protein intake? Here’s the answer:

1. Obesity

Every mother needs to know if a child who eats too much protein-rich foods is at risk for obesity. Because, someone who has excess protein means that he gets a surplus of calories. If the child does not burn these calories, his body will store these nutrients as food reserves or fat.

2. Organ Damage

Damage to organs can also occur if protein levels are too high, such as kidney stones. Excess protein can make the kidneys work harder to filter waste products in the body. In addition, protein processing can also produce nitrogen in the liver, making it more difficult for the body to process waste and toxins. Nitrogen can also decrease the body’s ability to break down nutrients, including protein.

3. Weak Immune System

Children who have excess protein can also experience a weakened immune system. Many products do not write labels on the ingredients of their production, so mothers do not know for sure what their children are consuming. The amount of protein powder contained can interfere with the digestive system of children which of course interferes with the immune system in the body.

4. Weakens Bones

Children who have excess protein are also at risk for having weaker bones. It is believed that excessive protein intake can also trigger the body to eliminate higher than normal amounts of calcium. If calcium stores continue to decline, bones become weak and brittle. It is also at risk of making the child more prone to fractures.

Well, those are some of the risks of children who have excess protein in their bodies. Therefore, mothers need to really pay attention to all the foods that are given to children with balanced nutrition. Excess of certain nutrients into the body can certainly cause other problems, not only due to protein. If necessary, the mother can seek advice from a nutritionist in making a daily meal plan.