5 Ways to Treat Typhus at Home

5 Ways to Treat Typhus at Home
5 Ways to Treat Typhus at Home

Symptoms of typhus are headaches, high fever, chills, and body weakness that usually first appear after one to three weeks of bacteria enter the body. It can also cause stomach pain due to constipation or diarrhea, sore throat, until red spots appear on the chest.

Typically ill people will not be hospitalized immediately if the symptoms are not severe. During outpatient care, the doctor will try first to give antibiotics and / or fever-reducing drugs so that the disease does not get worse.

In addition, you can also apply a variety of simple ways to treat typhus at home to heal quickly.

Eat high-calorie foods

You must consume foods that contain high calories as a way to treat typhus at home.

High-calorie foods provide enough energy for the immune system to fight infections so they can recover faster. In addition, high-calorie foods help prevent weight loss when you are sick with typhus.

You can eat white rice, potatoes, beans, sweet potatoes, avocados, to fruit juices. All of these food sources, including high calorie but still healthy.

Don’t choose unhealthy high-calorie foods such as ready-to-eat, fatty and fried foods, or sweet foods like cakes and cookies.

Eat high protein foods

One way to treat typhus at home is to eat foods high in protein. Good protein intake to accelerate the recovery from infection

The body needs protein to produce new and healthy cells, and repair body tissues that are damaged by inflammatory infections.

In addition, your body also needs protein to produce enzymes, hormones, and other important chemical compounds so that the body’s immune system and metabolism work.

Eat high-protein foods such as chicken breast, beef, and also eggs cooked thoroughly on high heat.

Eat low-fiber foods

Eating foods high in protein and calories must be done when typhoid. However, on the other hand you are also advised to eat foods that are low in fiber. Why eat low fiber?

Fiber is a nutrient that is difficult to digest by the stomach so it takes a long time to process it. Meanwhile, typhus can cause symptoms of diarrhea which basically has aggravated the intestinal work of food processing.

So if you eat high-fiber foods, it means that you force your intestines to work harder. That’s why eating low-fiber foods is a good way to treat diarrhea due to typhus.

Reducing eating fiber means you will limit excessive intestinal activity. Eventually, the symptoms of diarrhea and abdominal pain will slowly subside.

Eat low-fiber foods such as bananas, toast or white rice when you have diarrhea due to typhus.

Drink enough water

Consuming enough fluids is one way to treat and prevent the complications of typhus at home. Adequate fluid intake helps prevent dehydration due to fever, diarrhea, or vomiting when typhoid attacks.

You are advised to drink liquids such as 6-8 glasses of mineral water per day. In addition to mineral water, you can also drink electrolyte liquids, fruit juices that are washed and peeled off the skin, or from warm soup.

This fluid source can help replace water and electrolyte content that is lost when exposed to typhus.

If a person is affected by typhus until dehydration, the consequences can be fatal. If you are experiencing severe dehydration, immediately go to the hospital so you can be given IV fluids quickly by your doctor.

Always resting

When you get typhus, your doctor will advise you to take time off work or be absent from school first so that you can have maximum rest at home until you are healthy.

Sleep is the most effective way to treat typhus. Sleep has many benefits, one of which can help repair cells and body tissues damaged by bacterial Salmonella typhi infection.

Resting the body in this house can also prevent typhus from spreading to other people.