Effects of Sleep Deprivation for Your Health

Effects of Sleep Deprivation for Your Health
Effects of Sleep Deprivation for Your Health

Unhealthy habits, to the number of activities that need to be done are factors that can cause a person to experience sleep deprivation. In fact, the impact of sleep deprivation is very dangerous so it should be stopped.

Not only excessive sleepiness during the day, lack of sleep can cause various physical and mental disorders. So, you should find out various simple ways that can make you get quality sleep at night through the following reviews!

The Impact of Lack of Sleep on Health that Needs to be Watched

There are various factors that can cause a person to experience sleep deprivation, such as poor sleep habits, stress and anxiety disorders, lifestyle, to a history of certain diseases.

We recommend that you treat this condition immediately because lack of sleep can reduce the quality of sleep which can cause several impacts on health. The following health problems may occur if you experience a lack of sleep for a long time:

1. Obesity

There are many reasons why a person gains weight, one of which is lack of sleep. The habit of sleep deprivation is in fact directly related to increased hunger and appetite. A 2004 study said that people who slept less than six hours were 30 percent more likely to be obese than those who slept 7 to 9 hours.

When you are sleep deprived, this increases ghrelin so hunger will also increase. In addition, leptin which gives a signal of satiety to the brain will decrease. This is what keeps you feeling hungry when you are sleep deprived. As a result, weight may increase due to excessive eating.

2. Depression

Lack of sleep can trigger you to experience mood swings, become more emotional, and become more irritable. If this habit is not corrected, it is not impossible that you can experience depression to anxiety disorders due to lack of sleep for a long time.

3. Diabetes

If you have a family or medical history of diabetes, you should make sure you get enough sleep. The reason is, lack of sleep can cause disruption of insulin production in the body which is at risk of increasing blood sugar levels in the body.

In addition to meeting the need for sleep, you should make sure you exercise regularly and follow a healthy diabetes diet so that the disease you are experiencing does not get worse.

4. Decreased Focus Ability

If you don’t get enough sleep, your ability to focus and creativity can decline. So, you should pay attention to the amount of sleep you currently have. The more fulfilled sleep time, the better for the ability to think.

5. Heart Disorders

Lack of sleep is at risk of causing high blood pressure which can trigger heart problems. In addition to meeting the need for sleep, make sure you eat healthy foods and reduce the consumption of fatty foods to avoid heart problems.

That’s the impact of lack of sleep on health, so start to change your sleep habits so that your health condition can be maintained properly. Also make sure that the room is clean and comfortable so that the quality of your sleep is well maintained.